Tuesday, December 1, 2015

When I missed the point of it all

I know I have missed the point of it all,
I have been dumd, idiot and miserably failed to live up to your expectations,
I have failed to understand your heart's obvious calls,
Often you have had to spell everything out, like it is dictation.

I wish that the above para could conclude my mistakes,
But then there is so much more,
I wish I could change things with a shake,
So, listen to this. Hope you don't find it a chore.

There was a girl who I had fallen for once,
But then she dumped me,
At that time, it didn't make any sense,
However, I realised we were different. I could see.

But, then she came back,
I warned her that we are still different,
She said this time things will work. It won't be a wreck.
So we tried once more. Tried to grow trees in the barren.

Alas, a few seasons passed, but there was no spring yet,
Grey, gloomy clouds remained,
Sometimes your eyes were wet,
I took you for granted, and you got estranged.

Well, there is no spring yet,
Today, you say the same thing to me,
Yes, we are different,
But, I hope we can be.

Can you give me some more time,
Just like I gave you the chance,
Can I get a chance,
Not to make you mine, not to keep you forever,
But to make you happy once and see you dance.

P.S.: And she said NO!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rights to Security

Security is one of the major concerns that India is facing be it national from China and Pakistan or be it national security from the Maoists or Naxalites. Thousands of CRPF jawans and police forces have been inducted to secure our land from the perils of danger. However, the policemen or the force is a mere puppet these days serving merely to the ‘powerful VIPs ‘ who are financially and politically secure in their lal battis’.
Such a privileged force was obviously then enhanced for our ‘honourable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who was supposed to attend the convocation at the IIT-Kanpur and address the Merchants Chamber of Uttar Pradesh on July 9. The roads were blocked for the aam aadmi and traffic was diverted 6 hours prior to his arrival in the region. Yes, for six hours, intruding those blocked lanes was being deprived from the aam aadmi for whom the incumbent government and the same PM have claimed their fame to the votebank. It’s the votebank where these aam aadmi have large depositaries. Dude, (VIPs and not the PM) you are entrusted to pay an interest for the same.
During those hours, on these roads when a mother of a ten-year-old, Aman, bleeding to death, was visiting the hospital was refused to go forward even with an emergency of saving the life of her son. She was rebuffed on the grounds of security concerns. The woman says her husband and daughter were stopped at every signal and were not allowed to go further leading to the demise of her son who succumbed to death while the police caused delay in attending the hospital.
However, the DIG of Kanpur remained deterrent by saying that security was not inhuman and that emergencies are allowed to go. Adding that the security lapse too cannot be avoided in case of the Prime Minister, he said the police force cannot be blamed for the death.
This opens a Pandora’s Box about the price of security of the citizens of India along the lines of the VIPs. As Suhel Seth, MD, Counselage says that “We have become desensitized to anything that doesn’t happen to our own self”.
This dictum leaves the victims gaping at the refusal to give importance to the life of a dying person for reasons of a minister’s arrival. Though a PM’s life could be of high magnitude, however, another life here cannot be compromised for the less probable death of a PM many cities away at that moment.
Be it the CRPF jawans in J&K killing youngsters amid protests or this Kanpur incident, it is true that our fractured system of security serves the ‘precious lives’ when those lives are politically and ‘crorely’ bucked up.
Here accountability is in doldrums as the parties like the BSP, PDP, Congress or the BJP, all have shown little sensitivity towards security of the common man and let their sweet manipulative spokespersons with their well-nuanced sympathizing statements divert the core issues.
What’s the cost of a life, rather which life? The lives of Tufauil Ahmed Mattoo, Mohammad Rafiq Bangaroo and other similar nine lives in J&K and Aman in Kanpur have been marginalized while the safety of few unnecessary politicians still grips prime importance.
Well… Mr. VIPs the interest rates of the RBI is likely to be hiked on July 27, but the Aam aadmi is even deprived of deciding the interest rates of their lives deposited with your votebank.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Living through the grasses today...I heard the dew right drop beside my ear,help me breathe oh dew! I lay on the green grass
smelling the earth, I hear the creatures in hibernation
as my ears humbly kiss the ground..
My hair fell on them too, entangled with the grass
they enjoyed the caressing ,
the plough of the farmer a few meters away..he's drenched in sweat
and I heard the dew again.

In a while he looks up at the sky
the grim look din't quite please the clouds
and they don't seem to 'un-white'..
but he waited and waited and...

and here I still yearn for the next dew !

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It has its pros and cons...
Maybe he's watching
watch out for Ma...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I still believe in YU :)
Place it right, YU know it better!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I just want to be left alone...to crib over my rejections

HE (am sure it is HIM).. has not bothered to give me anything first hand

WHY WHY WHY...sometimes it IS a good feeling to get something on your first try..
ain't it!!??!!