Tuesday, December 1, 2015

When I missed the point of it all

I know I have missed the point of it all,
I have been dumd, idiot and miserably failed to live up to your expectations,
I have failed to understand your heart's obvious calls,
Often you have had to spell everything out, like it is dictation.

I wish that the above para could conclude my mistakes,
But then there is so much more,
I wish I could change things with a shake,
So, listen to this. Hope you don't find it a chore.

There was a girl who I had fallen for once,
But then she dumped me,
At that time, it didn't make any sense,
However, I realised we were different. I could see.

But, then she came back,
I warned her that we are still different,
She said this time things will work. It won't be a wreck.
So we tried once more. Tried to grow trees in the barren.

Alas, a few seasons passed, but there was no spring yet,
Grey, gloomy clouds remained,
Sometimes your eyes were wet,
I took you for granted, and you got estranged.

Well, there is no spring yet,
Today, you say the same thing to me,
Yes, we are different,
But, I hope we can be.

Can you give me some more time,
Just like I gave you the chance,
Can I get a chance,
Not to make you mine, not to keep you forever,
But to make you happy once and see you dance.

P.S.: And she said NO!

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